Form & Function

We always appreciate thoughtful design, and one brand we especially adore for their well-considered products is Areaware. For example, their over-sized key rings are not only visually striking, but practical for anyone with lots of keys, or anyone prone to losing things. They can be worn on the wrist, and the threaded screw clasp makes it easy to take keys on and off. We also love their table tiles, which give a 3D illusion when placed together. You can use them as coasters or simply as decoration.

IMG_4109 The bottle opener from Areaware features a single bent nail that cracks open your beer or soda, and it has a magnet that prevents the cap from falling afterwards. The magnet also allows for the bottle opener to be hung from places such as your fridge.      IMG_4162 One of their neatest little inventions are the architectural blocks that imitate Brutalist design. Not only are they beautiful objects by themselves, but they’re surprisingly fun and fascinating to stack and counterbalance.  Blocks

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