Father’s Day

IMG_8147 If you haven’t found the perfect Father’s Day gift yet, fear not. While we always carry a great selection of products, we’re especially well stocked on dad-specific gift ideas. For example, there’s a wide array of quality personal care products, including beard oils, soap, and shaving supplies. Duke Cannon soaps are among our favorites—they come in a gargantuan size that won’t get all small and soggy within a few uses, and have great scents with hilarious names like ‘productivity’, ‘accomplishment’ and ‘victory’. IMG_8157 IMG_8144 If there are still children in the house, we can recommend Handy Dad in the Great Outdoors. This book is filled with projects that dads can do with their kids. It’s a great gift that can help foster even more quality time between kids and parents. IMG_8150 Of course, those are just a few examples. If your dad could use a new wallet, bag, or even a new book to read, we’ve got you covered. Come in and as always, you can ask one of us for help with ideas.

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