Mother’s Day

IMG_7513 Mother’s Day is just over a week away, so if you haven’t already, it’s a great time to stop in for a card and a gift for mom. We’ve got some particularly great gifts made by local artists and craftspeople, such as bath salts, body butter, and scrubs from Priya Means Love. With everything that mom does, it’s a great way to say ‘sit back and relax’. IMG_7489 Another lovely, local product line comes from Open Eyes Press. We’ve been carrying their artwork and kitchen goods for a while now, but we especially love their newest line of garden-themed tea towels. These towels are designed and printed right here in Baltimore, and would make the perfect gift for any mom that spends a lot of time in the kitchen.
IMG_7520 IMG_7505 Speaking of local artists, two *awesome* ones will be in the shop for our Mother’s Day event on Friday, May 6th, from 4-8pm. Yummy & Company will have a pop-up jewelry shop, and Kacey of Found Studio will have a kid-friendly paper flower craft activity. Stop in for shopping, fun, and snacks from MOM’s Organic Market! IMG_7483

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Happy Holidays!

Ornaments Long time no post! We’ve been busy in the shop with all the excitement of the holidays, and we’d like to thank everyone in the community for your continued support! As an FYI, we’ll be open on Christmas eve, but close at 5 pm. We’re closed on Christmas, and open the 26th until 5:00. We close at 5 on New Year’s Eve, and will be closed on New Year’s day. Have a very merry Christmas, and happy New Year!

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Form & Function

We always appreciate thoughtful design, and one brand we especially adore for their well-considered products is Areaware. For example, their over-sized key rings are not only visually striking, but practical for anyone with lots of keys, or anyone prone to losing things. They can be worn on the wrist, and the threaded screw clasp makes it easy to take keys on and off. We also love their table tiles, which give a 3D illusion when placed together. You can use them as coasters or simply as decoration.

IMG_4109 The bottle opener from Areaware features a single bent nail that cracks open your beer or soda, and it has a magnet that prevents the cap from falling afterwards. The magnet also allows for the bottle opener to be hung from places such as your fridge.      IMG_4162 One of their neatest little inventions are the architectural blocks that imitate Brutalist design. Not only are they beautiful objects by themselves, but they’re surprisingly fun and fascinating to stack and counterbalance.  Blocks

Spicy Summer

If you’re the type of person to amp up all your food with hot sauce, we’ve got a few new ones at the Baltimore store for you to try. Red Clay Hot Sauce, created by Georgia-native Geoff Rhyne, is made with Fresno peppers, salt, and white wine vinegar and then aged in southern bourbon barrels. It’s your classic hot sauce, but with a lot more complexity and nuance.  Put it on just about anything to elevate it to a new level.

Another sauce brand that’s bringing the heat is Huckle’s Hot Sauce, born and produced right here in Baltimore. We’re carrying the “HONbanero” and the Fire-Roasted Jalapeño. These gourmet sauces pack a punch in their own unique way. We love that the ingredients are sourced from local farms, bringing the farm-to-table movement one step further. On top of that, we adore the beautiful packaging designed by Annie Howe of Bmore Papercuts!


Warm Weather Windows

Here at the Baltimore store, we’ve been hard at work making the new window displays for spring and summer. We’re delighted to say that they are now up and ready to see. The theme for the season is “farm to table” and it features some paper veggies blown up to a gigantic scale. While we don’t sell any produce, of course, we have lots of unique and fun products to enhance your cooking and eating experience. We couldn’t be happier with how these displays turned out, so next time you’re out enjoying the warm weather, please come and take a look for yourself!

IMG_3505 IMG_3504 IMG_3496 IMG_3517 IMG_3481


IMG_2531 We’re now selling a selection of dried botanicals that we haven’t carried in a few yearsand we sure are happy to have them back! From flowers to leaves to seed pods, these all come from actual vegetation, so they have a great natural look as opposed to fake plants. They’re especially great for livening up areas of your house that might not get much sunlight. Alternatively, they’re also great if you’d like to have some plants in the house, but simply can’t keep anything alive.  Come in soon to check out what we have!

IMG_2590S IMG_2567   IMG_2632

Toys for All

IMG_2350S We are ever so pleased to receive these new toy figurines from Schleichbut we’re even more pleased to see that along with children, we see grown adults playing with them in our store. There’s a great quote from C.S. Lewis that goes “When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” We certainly agree with the idea that there’s a kid in everyone, and great toys like these deserve to be played with.

Speaking of childhood, seeing the dinosaur figures reminded me of my love for prehistoric science, and my childhood inclination to obnoxiously correct everyone with my dinosaur knowledge. For example: that’s not a Triceratops, it’s a Pentaceratops. Also, the often depicted “Velociraptor” is modeled much more similarly to Deinonychus. Also, while everyone colloquially calls it a Brontosaurus, it should more correctly be referred to as Apatosaurus. So now you know!

IMG_2422S IMG_2396S IMG_2384S

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Warm & Cozy

IMG_2083S Brrrrrr! It has definitely been a cold February week around here, which certainly makes us all inclined to snuggle up indoors with cup of hot chocolate and a good book (or netflix). When it comes to keeping cozy, it’s obvious that the most basic thing to have is a soft, warm blanketand when it comes to blanket warmth, it’s obvious that wool is top dog. These blankets from Faribault Woolen Mill Company are the cream of the crop. Made in Minnesota by a family-owned mill that’s been in business for 140 years, these blankets are a testament to American craftsmanship and quality. Along with Faribault, we also carry blankets from Pendleton, another American company with a hundred-year expertise in wool. Also, did we mention that they’re all absolutely gorgeous? Come in soon to pick one up and shack up indoors in style.
IMG_2048 IMG_2035
Along with blankets from Fairbault, we also carry these adorable wool koozies, perfect for insulating your drink, whether it be hot or cold. They’re available in an assortment of colors and patterns.


Magazines for Winter

It’s been a while since our last blog post, because thankfully, we had such a busy holiday season! We’re back, and we’re excited for 2015 and everything that it will bring.
IMG_1463 We’ve got new issues of some of our favorite magazines, including The Collective Quarterly, which chooses one specific location as the theme for each issue. The current issue focuses on the Absaroka Mountains in Montana, and the people who live in the area. The writers describe the region as a place where people go to hide. Looking at some of the photos, it’s not hard to understand whyit’s a breathtakingly wild place where someone can be alone with their thoughts. We love this magazine because of how well it highlights places we never even knew we wanted to go.

IMG_1471 IMG_1476

Another new magazine we’ve recently received is Kinfolk. The central idea for this winter issue is, well, winter. This issue takes a look at how cold weather affects human bodies, how we are affected by light and the seasonal lack of it, and how hibernation works in animals and its relation to humans. Beautiful photo essays focus on the auroras, hot springs, and fencing.

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Winter Windows

We’ve been hard at work for the past few weeks, and we’re delighted to be finished with our new winter store displays in Baltimore! For this season, we were inspired by woodland creatures and their hibernation, since we all know that the best part about cold weather is getting warm and cozy with our loved ones. For our windows, we featured repurposed packing materials from our products, along with beautiful copper cups and delicious nuts from Kinderhook Snacks. The adorable sleeping animals were painted by our staff member, the talented Bryant Molloy. The store interior features more beautiful holiday decorations, such as collaged cut paper animals. We’re amazingly happy with the results, so please come in soon to take a look!

IMG_1238 IMG_1267 IMG_1377

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