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IMG_6551 “Adult” coloring books have been all the rage for a minute now, and if you’re a fan, we’ve currently got a huge selection of titles in stock! Whether you’re looking to pick up a copy of “Secret Garden”—the book that started it all, or interested in branching out into something new, we’ve got you covered. Also, we’ve finally got colored pencils in stock! They’re double-sided and a nice break from your standard Crayola colors.

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Malcolm Gladwell

We’ve gotten a handful of new books in, and one of our favorites is this boxed set of books by Malcolm Gladwell. A staff writer for The New Yorker since 1996, Gladwell is known for finding incredible sociological lessons from seemingly unrelated pieces of journalism. In The Tipping Point he looks at events such as crime waves, fashion trends, and product popularity through the lens of epidmiology; in other words, ideas can spread like the flu. In Blink, he examines the power of the subconscious in making split-second decisions, with examples from stories about marriage, speed dating, selling cars, and military maneuvers. Finally, his book Outliers focuses on how a person’s environment can affect his or her possibility for success. All three books are included in this hardcover boxed set, with smart illustrations both inside and out by artist Brian Rea.


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Magazines for Winter

It’s been a while since our last blog post, because thankfully, we had such a busy holiday season! We’re back, and we’re excited for 2015 and everything that it will bring.
IMG_1463 We’ve got new issues of some of our favorite magazines, including The Collective Quarterly, which chooses one specific location as the theme for each issue. The current issue focuses on the Absaroka Mountains in Montana, and the people who live in the area. The writers describe the region as a place where people go to hide. Looking at some of the photos, it’s not hard to understand whyit’s a breathtakingly wild place where someone can be alone with their thoughts. We love this magazine because of how well it highlights places we never even knew we wanted to go.

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Another new magazine we’ve recently received is Kinfolk. The central idea for this winter issue is, well, winter. This issue takes a look at how cold weather affects human bodies, how we are affected by light and the seasonal lack of it, and how hibernation works in animals and its relation to humans. Beautiful photo essays focus on the auroras, hot springs, and fencing.

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Design*Sponge at Home

IMG_0322 I’m about as guilty as it gets when it comes to judging books by their covers, but perhaps it’s at least a little bit fair when the book is about art and design. The cover for Design*Sponge at Home grabbed me as one of the most gorgeous books covers I’ve ever seen, but what’s inside is just as beautiful and inspiring. For those who are not familiar, Design*Sponge is a blog that centers around creative interior design and home decor. Their attitude towards the subject is one that we at Trohv can’t agree with more: that everyday people can pull from all sorts of inspiration and sources to create an inviting home, without a high price tag or professional degree. The book showcases the best of the best from the blog’s many years of existence.
IMG_0330 Of the book’s many sections, the “Sneak Peaks” let you take a look at some of the most beautifully decorated interiors from around the world, and offers lots of ideas for what you can do with your own home. There are also loads of easy D.I.Y. projects that can help spruce up your place without breaking the bank. I couldn’t help but notice that many of the products in our store are great places to start (wrapping paper, vintage wood crates, antique jars and bottles). The book also offers instructions for the basics of DIY projects, along with great before-and-after photos of repurposed items. All in all, this book is a creative gold mine and I can’t recommend it enough.

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Kinfolk No. 13

IMG_9975 The new fall issue of Kinfolk is now in stock at both locations! The central idea of volume 13 is imperfection, and learning to embrace our shortcomings. This fascinating theme yielded some great stories for this issue, with articles talking about chefs’ worst cooking disasters, interviews with competition judges on the pursuit of perfection, a photo essay on the appeal of worn clothing, and portraits of the small physical differences between identical twins.

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Well Traveled

IMG_9200 The new summer issue of Anthology Magazine is in! This season, the theme of the articles and photos is centered around familyhow we live with loved ones and how our upbringing affects our lives. One article follows a Bay Area artist as she visits her native Buenos Aries, and another follows a New Orleans entrepreneur as he travels to Italy as he learns about his grandmother’s limoncello recipe. There is a photo feature of some of the coolest kids’ rooms in the country, along with interviews with artists and designers about how their kin have affected their creative pursuits. Plus, there’s an article about a writer’s trip to Dublin illustrated by Baltimore’s own Beth Hoeckel!
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Another new publication we are carrying is The Paris Journal, from the people at Obvious State studio. This collection of beautiful photography and whimsical journal entries outlines just one blissful day wandering through a neighborhood in Paris. This isn’t your average tour book filled with places like the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, it’s a book about exploring Paris by yourself, free of maps or agendas. After going through this book, we couldn’t help but feel the desire to book a flight right away.
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Trouvé Magazine

We’re happy to be carrying the very first issue of Trouvé Magazine. The word trouvé (troo-vay) means “to find,” and each issue celebrates the creative lifestyle, in the many forms that it takes. The inaugural issue is appropriately centered around the theme of “beginnings” and features stories and photographs about artists and craftspeople starting a new chapter in their lives. It’s a gorgeous magazine, and we look forward to all the issues to come!


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Kinfolk Issue Twelve

KinfolkSaltwaterS We now have Kinfolk no. 12 in stock! This issue is called “The Saltwater Issue” and discusses both the sea and the salt that we get from it. There are essays and photos about life by the ocean, interviews with artists that work with sand, and recipes that give special attention to utilizing salt. Each issue of Kinfolk is always chock full of gorgeous photos, but we think that this issue’s photography is especially good, thanks to all the beautiful hues found in the water.
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Collective Quarterly

IMG_6555small We only carry a select few magazines here at Trohv, but we are excited to carry a brand new publication called The Collective Quarterly. Each issue travels to a different locationthis time, Marfa, Texasand documents the artistic inspiration that can be found there. It’s interesting that their video declares themselves a magazine about the creative process; one might conclude at first glance that this is a magazine about travel. Indeed, these two things are often tied together, hand in hand, since it’s the inspiration that must happen before anything is made at all. This relationship is especially apparent in an ‘article’ we love in this first issue that juxtaposes various textile designs with their photographic inspiration. The whole magazine is chock full of beautiful imagery and storytelling, so take a look for yourself and discover what the people at Collective Quarterly have discovered for themselves.

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Sweet Paul – Eat and Make pt. 2

To continue from the post on Tuesday, the second recipe we tried from Sweet Paul – Eat and Make was bruschetta with peas, pancetta & ricotta. The results came out wonderfully, and we noticed that what makes this recipe so great is that it hits an array of tastes and textures with each bite. The book also suggests a few other combinations to try out: proscuitto and figs, blue cheese and nuts, cream cheese and roasted vegetables, and Nutella with baked strawberries. As with the other recipe, we found this one very straight forward—easy enough for the most inexperienced of cooks. Along with the crafts, it seems like many of the recipes are great activities to have the whole family take part in.

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As previously mentioned, we have a few more signed copies of Sweet Paul – Eat and Make left, so get a copy while they’re available!

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