We’re always eager to try out new food products, so naturally we wanted to take a shot at making bread from Soberdough mixes. Hand-made in small batches from all-natural products, Soberdough mixes make it easy for anyone to make delicious brew bread at home.

The instructions are super simple: you mix in a bottle of the beer of your choice, pour it in to an oiled bread pan, and bake for 45 minutes. Even without any baking experience, we had an amazing, warm loaf of bread in just an hour’s time! We’re carrying the Roasted Garlic,  Green Chile Cheddar, and Buffalovin’ Wing varieties at the Baltimore store, so come pick up a pack and try for yourself!

IMG_4812 IMG_4840

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Spicy Summer

If you’re the type of person to amp up all your food with hot sauce, we’ve got a few new ones at the Baltimore store for you to try. Red Clay Hot Sauce, created by Georgia-native Geoff Rhyne, is made with Fresno peppers, salt, and white wine vinegar and then aged in southern bourbon barrels. It’s your classic hot sauce, but with a lot more complexity and nuance.  Put it on just about anything to elevate it to a new level.

Another sauce brand that’s bringing the heat is Huckle’s Hot Sauce, born and produced right here in Baltimore. We’re carrying the “HONbanero” and the Fire-Roasted Jalapeño. These gourmet sauces pack a punch in their own unique way. We love that the ingredients are sourced from local farms, bringing the farm-to-table movement one step further. On top of that, we adore the beautiful packaging designed by Annie Howe of Bmore Papercuts!


Hex Ferments

IMG_5924In July, we attended the RADIATE! Love + Light Fund Raising Event for Melissa Kirby at the beautiful Clipper Mill Pool in the Woodberry neighborhood of Baltimore. In April, Melissa suffered a rare type of stroke that left her without the ability to move or speak. Her friends and family held the event to help cover costs of her recovery. Wanting to help, we bid on an auction item and won a fermentation class at Hex Ferments.
Last week, a few of the Trohv folks invaded Hex Ferments in Belvedere Square for an evening of fermentation. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we all love food and we were quite excited to learn more about the process of fermentation. When we arrived, owners Meaghan and Shane Carpenter graciously welcomed us into their cozy, inviting space. We put on our aprons and got ready to get to work! Around the room sat large glass containers with colorful concoctions of different fermenting veggies. In the center of the room was a large work island; on it sat the largest metal bowl we had ever seen! The second bowl contained roughly 5 lbs. of carrots, apples, scallions, cabbage, and ginger. As we started chopping everything into bite size pieces, Meaghan and Shane explained the benefits and history of fermented foods.

A few highlights:

Probiotics in fermented food improve the intestinal tract health, enhance the immune system, and reduce symptoms of lactose intolerance.

People have been fermenting foods since 10,000 BC. Originally, fermentation was used to store unused crops through winter months.

Once we were done chopping, we added salt to taste (about 3 tablespoons to our 5lbs of veggies). Then we began massaging and squeezing the mixture to encourage the salt to bring out the moisture. Next step was filling containers; the key here was to pack them very tightly so they ended up under their own juices. Once filled, we were told they should sit on our counters with a weight to keep the mixture down in the jar. After 3-5 days, the new creation can be enjoyed.

Next we learned about kombucha. Carmen was amazed the first time she saw the SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) maybe because it slightly resembles human skin. This is what starts the fermentation process in liquids such as kombucha, vinegar, kefir, and even ginger beer.

We had tastings of several varieties of kombucha that they sell at their shop. I think we all loved the Ginger the most (enough that we mixed it with some Rum and had another glass)! We toasted to the recovery of Melissa, new friends, and the wonderful food that we made, appropriately named Kirby Kraut.


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Something Sweet

There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing people pour their hearts into their business, and The Mast Brothers Chocolate: A Family Cookbook is the perfect example. Beyond just being a compilation of recipes, this book tells the back-story of how the Brooklyn-based company came to be, including the incredible story of the brothers sailing to the Dominican Republic themselves just to source cocoa beans.  It’s this kind of devotion to the quality and purity of ingredients that makes this book, and the small-batch chocolates so compelling.  It also doesn’t hurt that that every other page is a beautiful, mouth-watering photograph.

91Cl-69ZGNL Speaking of sweets and cookbooks, we actually have a whole slew of new books in. Chocolate: A Love Story takes an interesting approach by using more illustration and design elements than photography. The French Cook: Cream Puffs & Eclairs offers easy-to-follow instructions that make the intimidating realm of choux accessible to home cooks. Lastly, the matching Chocolate and Cake cookbooks are great all-encompassing intros to their respective subject matter. If you enjoy cooking and have a bit of a sweet tooth, any of these books would be a valuable addition to your collection.

Interior photograph by Tuukka Koski

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Marble and Wood

One of the recent additions to our Baltimore store is this series of lovely marble cheese boards with wooden trim. One of these will ensure that any cheese platter you prepare will be a feast for the eyes, along with the mouth. The contrast between the two natural, yet oh-so-different materials is striking—and perhaps the greatest task is trying to choose which board has the most beautiful grain in it. We think it provides a nice visual parallel to the marbling and natural beauty of the cheese itself.

Cheseboards CheeseBoardStacked *Cheese not included.  For that, visit our lovely neighbors at The Wine Source

The Kinfolk Table

KinfolkTableCoverSmall As many of you know, we have proudly been carrying Kinfolk Magazine, a beautiful quarterly publication celebrating simple, artful living. We are delighted to announce that their very first cookbook, The Kinfolk Table, is in stock at both locations! What’s so beautiful about this book is that it aims to be more than just a list of recipes—each dish provides a little window into the lifestyles of individuals and families who opened their homes to the author, Nathan Williams. From Brooklyn to Copenhagen, Portland to the English countryside, people share insights into how they entertain for a casual evening. The message is simple, yet inspiring; that there are few things more fulfilling than sharing an honest meal with a few close friends.


“Where There’s Smoke…”

SteakSmokeSmall Just because Autumn is rolling in doesn’t mean you have to retire the grill for the year. In fact, there are many who would claim that Fall is even better for outdoor cooking; what’s more satisfying on a cool day than the warmth of a fire? Smoke: New Firewood Cooking by Tim Byres is the perfect book for stepping up your grilling game. The book details all the ins and outs of cooking directly with a real wood fire, from wood selection to fire starting to tending. The wide array of mouth-watering recipes aren’t limited to meats either: there are in-depth recipes ranging from pickles to pies to salsas to cornbread. On top of all that, the book is stunning; the cover is beautifully illustrated and the interior features beautiful photography.

We have some great new cookbooks in our kitchen section. Come in to admire Smoke and all our other books that suit a wide variety of culinary interests.


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Adult S’mores

The summer does not go by in our house without indulging in some delicious s’mores (too many to even count). Over the weekend I ambitiously decided to boost up the flavor of an ordinary s’more and add something unexpected for my taste buds to delve into.  And goodness gracious did I discover an awesome combination packed with flavor and pizazz. Let me introduce you to some gourmet s’mores of the summer; vanilla bourbon sorghum & mulberry jam. Ahhhhhhmazing! There was an extra kick to it when I added the ole’ Kentucky treat of bourbon and vanilla infused sorghum, and there was a simple depth of sweetness added with the mulberry jam. I must say, it really did class it up a bit and made me want to host a s’more party. Can you get down with that? You know you can’t hate some marshmallow and chocolate action.

I think the only thing that could have tasted better would be adding some crunchy bacon into the mix. Smokey bacon mixed with the flavors of chocolate and bourbon, I am not too sure it could get much better than that. Does that make me sound super crazy?! Well if it does, then go ahead and commit me. Both the Sorghum & jam can be purchased at Trohv and I highly recommend spending the summer getting’ your drizzle on with these yummy treats.

Brown Betty Book Signing this Saturday!

Just a reminder that we will be hosting the ladies of Brown Betty this Saturday in our DC shop from 12-3, so be sure to stop on by!

They’ll have books to sign and cupcakes to buy!  You can purchase single or boxed cupcakes at the signing, or you can call to pre-order either of the boxed collections for $12.00   202.829.2941

Vintage Box : chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and carrot cupcakes
Modern Box : red velvet, almond caramel, sweet potato, and coconut cupcakes

We’ll also be hosting a Brown Betty Book Signing here at our Baltimore store from 6-9pm on Friday November 2nd.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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feeling like fall

As promised, Susan’s back with one of the recipes she tested from Dinner, A Love Story

Chicken Soup with Orzo (page 290)
I can feel a twinge of Fall in the air which makes me pull out the soup pot. This soup is amazing! Adjust the vegetables to your family’s liking, and you’ll most likely want to use close to eight cups of chicken broth. My goal is to make homemade chicken stock one day, but for now the store bought broth was completely fine. My youngest doesn’t like his soup soupy, so I drained the broth off his and he was perfectly happy with his dinner of chicken, veggies, and orzo.

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Susan Malemezian is a social worker and now stay at home mom to two sweet and growing boys.  She is a lover of family meals and tries to gather her family around the dinner table most nights of the week.  When not cooking for her family, she enjoys biking, running, reading, occasionally sewing and volunteering in schools and the Atlanta community. Her fall cooking goal: homemade chicken stock.

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