We’re always eager to try out new food products, so naturally we wanted to take a shot at making bread from Soberdough mixes. Hand-made in small batches from all-natural products, Soberdough mixes make it easy for anyone to make delicious brew bread at home.

The instructions are super simple: you mix in a bottle of the beer of your choice, pour it in to an oiled bread pan, and bake for 45 minutes. Even without any baking experience, we had an amazing, warm loaf of bread in just an hour’s time! We’re carrying the Roasted Garlic,  Green Chile Cheddar, and Buffalovin’ Wing varieties at the Baltimore store, so come pick up a pack and try for yourself!

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Write Away!

642 Things
642 Things to Write About is a terrific writer’s resource that we recently started carrying in our shops. Compiled by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto, 642 Things features 642 writing prompts designed to help you flex your creative muscles and “jumpstart your literary genius.” Many of the prompts are very provocative and certainly made me reach for my pen and a notebook. Here are two I tried my hand at:
642 Things 3
Hi, how are you?
I know, I’m out at lunch with a friend, I was gonna call you right after.
I think that could work but did you…
Oh, that was yesterday?
Well, what if we tried to meet when you get back from Moscow?
I would think this will all blow over by then.
No, I know. I’m not saying you’re wrong but the clean-up shouldn’t need to take that long.
Yeah, I know, I told him myself.
All right, if you think that’s best.
Listen, I need to get back, let me call you in an hour or so.
Yes, in about an hour.
All right, I’ll talk to you later.


642 Things 2
The origin of the strongman bell game at many carnivals and fairs date back to the courtship rituals common in 18th century Ukrainian farming villages. At the time, many homes were structured in a tall and narrow, tower style. According to the architectural principles of the time, the first floor of such a house would have been used for entertaining guests. The second floor was commonly a familial gathering area; it is here that cooking and dining would occur, often in the same circular room. At the time it was not yet widespread for husbands and wives to share a room, so the third floor generally housed all male dwellers, whereas the fourth floor was almost only ever entered by female family members. Outside of many such homes there was a bell near the fourth floor window that was used to summon unmarried daughters by would-be suitors. In a design surprisingly similar to the strongman bell game many of you may be familiar with, said suitors would step up to a bell pad located outside of the home and swing with all of their might to send the encased stone up to ring the bell, thus ensuring that only the strongest beaus garnered the attention of an unmarried woman. It is also for this reason that so many men roamed the Ukrainian countryside with their own wooden mallets, literally building their strength in the name of love.
For you illustrators out there, we also carry 642 Things to Draw, as well as many other journals and tools to inspire and challenge you. Let us know of any books or other resources you find yourself turning to for inspiration in the comments!

Edible Bones

It’s no secret around my household who the queen of Halloween is. I must admit that I drag out more boxes of Halloween décor than I do for any other holiday. I am drawn to all things vintage, glittery, Tim Burton inspired, with just a touch of eerie. So for the last few years we have made it a tradition in our house to celebrate with fun garlands, Halloween figurines, and spooktacular treats throughout the entire month of October and even a little bit of September (shhhh, I’m over zealous). One way the Hubs knows Halloween is coming is by his inevitable back aches from hauling all of my decorations into the house, as well as, when these little babies are made, my edible Bones. They are super simple and dangerously delish. This is the first year I am making them for my son and I wanted to share a DIY that you could do with all of your little goblins and ghouls. Happy treat making!

You will need:
Pretzel sticks
Small marshmallows
White chocolate for melting (I use a double broiler)
Wax paper and cookie sheet to put them on after they have been dipped in the chocolate.

Step 1:

Smash two marshmallows together and poke them onto each end of the pretzel. This makes the shape of a bone.

Step 2:

Melt your white chocolate either on a low temp in the microwave or over a double broiler.

Step 3: Dip them into white chocolate or spoon melted white chocolate over them.

Step4: Place them on a cookie sheet (I line mine with wax paper) and then place in the fridge or freezer just until they harden.

Step 5: serve on a bed or Oreo cookie crumbs “dirt” and enjoy.

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Courtney is currently living outside of San Francisco with her hubby and her son, Oliver Tate. This full time mom also dabbles in home décor, diy projects, entertaining, photography and much more on her blog alittleglassbox She has never met a piece of sparkly jewelry, a chocolate chip cookie, or a reclaimed piece of wood she didn’t like

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DIY toy barn



For those of you with kiddos, how hard is it to foster a good imagination in them with modern day toys and technology? I am always on the prowl for a good fun family project to include the little man in that will encourage the use of his imagination. As a child I grew up going to our family farm on the weekends and it was there that I have my happiest memories. I was able to run through the pastures, chase down cows in a golf cart, climb hay stacks, get dirty and play all day under the supervision of daylight and tall trees. As a parent it’s important to me that I continue this tradition of free play for my little boy. So recently, the Hubs and I built a fun little barn for Oliver out of a cardboard box, hot glue gun and some paint we had lying around the house. It was a no cost DIY that was super simple and completed in half a day. I dressed it up with some remnant fabric swatches given to me by our local upholstery shop and made them into quaint little pennant flags strung across with some fun twine from Trohv . It was not only a great way to spend our day making it, but the time he has spent peeking through the barn windows and galloping his horse through the doors is enough to make this mommy a happy lady. I don’t think a price can ever be put on pure playtime, but this DIY was that much sweeter because it was free. What are some of the things you do with your kids to invoke their precious imaginations? I’d love to know!

Posted by: Courtney
Courtney is currently living outside of San Francisco with her hubby and her son, Oliver Tate. This full time mom also dabbles in home décor, diy projects, entertaining, photography and much more on her blog alittleglassbox She has never met a piece of sparkly jewelry, a chocolate chip cookie, or a reclaimed piece of wood she didn’t like

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hot air balloon ice cream cups!

We’re so excited to welcome our friend Courtney on as a new blog contributor where she’ll be sharing diy projects, easy ways to entertain, and her stories of being a mommy to a walking tornado in the form of a toddler. Take it away, Courtney!

As a first time mom, I am always looking for easy ways to make each day extraordinary for my kiddo.  One way I try and do this is to make special memories. We have family picnics in the backyard, we eat ice cream on the deck, and have berry picking scavenger hunts. We are a rolling in the grass, jumping high in the sky, and playing in the sand type of family. So when these amazing paper cups & hooray flag were sent to me by Trohv I could not wait to make them into something extra special for my little man.

Hence the ice cream hot air balloon was born. I was able to cut down a basic paper cup and attach a helium filled balloon to the top with twine to make the hot air balloon. A few pennant flags were made simply with Washi tape and a pair of scissors. It was finished off with a delicious scoop of vanilla bean ice cream topped with plump red raspberries from our garden. It made this post nap time snack a huge hit. No boring ice cream bowl this particular afternoon. It made us laugh and brought out the playful side in all of us. Those are the mommy memories I am always striving for. Tell this new gal, what do you do to be creative with your kids?

You can find all the supplies (except the balloons & ice cream of course) in either one of our locations.

Posted by: Courtney
Courtney is currently living outside of San Francisco with her hubby and her son, Oliver Tate. This full time mom also dabbles in home décor, diy projects, entertaining, photography and much more on her blog alittleglassbox She has never met a piece of sparkly jewelry, a chocolate chip cookie, or a reclaimed piece of wood she didn’t like

home brew

I recently gifted my husband Ben with Brooklyn Brew Shop’s “Chocolate Maple Porter” Beer making kit + a pair of “Home Brew” pint glasses by Vital Industries… both of which we sell here at Trohv!  Last month, Ben got busy brewin’ his first batch of beer.  Thanks to the kit, getting started was super easy. It comes with the following:

-Bag of grain, hops and yeast
-Racking cane
-Tubing clamps
-Glass fermenting jug
-Clear vinyl tubing
-Screw-cap stopper

In addition, the vendor, Brooklyn Brew Shop has video tutorials of the brewing and bottling processes.  Ben found these particularly helpful!

During the few weeks it needed to ferment, we came up with a name: Big Tooth Chocolate Maple Porter (*based off the Big Tooth Maple tree native to the U.S.).  Next, I took the name to the studio and mustered up some fun labels.  I’ll take any chance I get to creatively collaborate with my beau.

This past weekend we had a ceremonious Big Tooth Chocolate Maple Porter tasting, shared with some good friends in a small getaway to Rehoboth beach.  And in the spirit of beach and beer, we’ll also hopped (pun intended) into the Dogfish Head Brewery to taste, indulge, and learn from the big boys!

Do you homebrew?  …if not, well then, what are you waiting for??

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Sommer has been working at Trohv since June 2011.  When not at Trohv she’s drawing, painting, & sculpting in her studio.  Though a California girl at heart, she currently lives with her husband in Takoma Park, MD.  Her work can be seen here:

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DIY champagne swizzle sticks

Happy Almost Valentine’s Day, friends!

As promised, I am back with a super easy Valentines day DIY!  It’s not the champagne and sugar that lets your loved ones know you care about them, its the fact that you took some extra time to fancy them up.  Adorable presentation says “I love you” way more than any macaron ever could! It has become increasingly apparent that if you dress anything up with glitter and stripes it’s bound to cause hearts to flutter!

To get started on this DIY, you’ll need a few simple supplies you most likely have around the house.

bamboo skewers
cocktail picks or toothpicks
macarons from your local french bakery {in my case, Bonjour}
Kobo Candle {this is the actual gift here – come to Trohv and buy one, we’re sure to have the perfect scent}
decorative paper / tissue paper

Step 1:  Cut your skewers to the length you’d like them.  I put mine in the champagne flutes and just cut them off at the height I wanted them to be.

Step 2: Spread glue with your finger or a paintbrush around the entire skewer, making sure to leave about 4 inches blank at the bottom (this is what will sit in the champagne and you don’t want your mr. drinking glitter).  Do the same with the cocktail picks or toothpicks, leave about 1 inch blank at the bottom here for placing in the macaron.

Step 3: Dump glitter on a sheet of paper and roll the wet skewers and cocktail pick in it until they are completely covered in glitter.  Stand them up  in a vase or glass to dry, making sure the sides are not resting on anything.  Once they’ve dried, shake off any excess glitter.

Step 4: Pretend you are in elementary school and fold a bunch of pink and red paper in half, then cut out two matching hearts for every swizzle stick or pick.  You’ll need one heart for each side of the pick, so be sure to cut 2 at a time, it will make your life a LOT easier.  Cut one large heart to cover the label on your kobo candle.

Step 5: Glue one heart to the swizzle stick where you like, flip it over, glue the matching heart to the other side & repeat the process for your cocktail picks.  Glue the largest heart to your kobo candle and pour that champagne.

Hearts are gonna flutter!

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home baked bread

My husband likes to make things (websites, tables, bread, you know – anything with a process).

He’s been baking bread for the last few years off and on, testing new ideas and recipes.  I knew when we got the book  Tartine Bread  in here at the store it was the perfect gift for him.  He’s been practicing, and this weekend his proudest accomplishment in the adventure of baking bread was to make a dozen individual bread bowls… that’s equivalent to 6 full loaves.  It might not seem like a big accomplishment to most, but he’s pretty proud of the fact that he was able to multiply his dough recipe, and bake on a rotating schedule (we don’t have a commercial oven) and have them all turn out.  We enjoyed them last night with friends, and we filled them to the brim with delicious Wisconsin style beer cheese soup. Yum!

Tartine Bread is available in both our Baltimore and DC locations.

Watch a fantastic video on Tartine Bread right here

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