We’re always big fans of objects that are both beautiful and functional, but there’s always a place for things in the house that are just for decoration. Right now we have a great selection of home accents that came from the natural world, whether it be mineral or botanical. Here’s just a small selection of what we havecome in to see everything we’ve got! IMG_4264 IMG_4250 IMG_4282

Form & Function

We always appreciate thoughtful design, and one brand we especially adore for their well-considered products is Areaware. For example, their over-sized key rings are not only visually striking, but practical for anyone with lots of keys, or anyone prone to losing things. They can be worn on the wrist, and the threaded screw clasp makes it easy to take keys on and off. We also love their table tiles, which give a 3D illusion when placed together. You can use them as coasters or simply as decoration.

IMG_4109 The bottle opener from Areaware features a single bent nail that cracks open your beer or soda, and it has a magnet that prevents the cap from falling afterwards. The magnet also allows for the bottle opener to be hung from places such as your fridge.      IMG_4162 One of their neatest little inventions are the architectural blocks that imitate Brutalist design. Not only are they beautiful objects by themselves, but they’re surprisingly fun and fascinating to stack and counterbalance.  Blocks

Small and White, Clean and Bright

Among our favorite kitchen wares and home goods are these beautiful pieces by Canvas Home, and we’ve got a fresh new shipment in at the Baltimore store. From vases to pitchers to serving dishes, these products are all finished with a pleasing soft white. We especially love the ice bucket and bowls from the “Dauville” collection, which feature not only shiny gold trim, but contrasting matte/gloss finishes when you look up close. Whether you’re looking for a special new addition to your home, or for the perfect wedding gift, this is a great place to start!

IMG_3762 IMG_3726 IMG_3740 IMG_3711


IMG_2531 We’re now selling a selection of dried botanicals that we haven’t carried in a few yearsand we sure are happy to have them back! From flowers to leaves to seed pods, these all come from actual vegetation, so they have a great natural look as opposed to fake plants. They’re especially great for livening up areas of your house that might not get much sunlight. Alternatively, they’re also great if you’d like to have some plants in the house, but simply can’t keep anything alive.  Come in soon to check out what we have!

IMG_2590S IMG_2567   IMG_2632


Some of our new arrivals include beautiful little accents for your home, such as these striking blue vases. Available in several sizes and designs, they’d make a great pop of color for any table or bookshelf. Also available are an assortment of sliced agate geodes, perfect as conversation-starting coasters or simply as decoration. Agate is a crystalline rock texture formed when water containing silica percolates through air pockets in volcanic rock. There are plenty of beautiful coasters out there, but how many are made from ancient, cooled lava? With these on your coffee table, you just might be inclined to do a little bragging.
IMG_1804 IMG_1833 IMG_1845

Baltimore Pillows

We’re definitely people with some hometown pride, and we adore home goods that express that, so we love these new decorative pillows we have at the Hampden location that say “Baltimore, Maryland” on them. We also have pillows that read “Washington, DC” at the Takoma Park location. They make a great accent for your living room, with a look that’s both rustic and modern at the same time. Another product we carry is a pillow with the latitude and longitude of the city, great for anyone with nautical or navigational interests. Come in soon to pick one up.


Design*Sponge at Home

IMG_0322 I’m about as guilty as it gets when it comes to judging books by their covers, but perhaps it’s at least a little bit fair when the book is about art and design. The cover for Design*Sponge at Home grabbed me as one of the most gorgeous books covers I’ve ever seen, but what’s inside is just as beautiful and inspiring. For those who are not familiar, Design*Sponge is a blog that centers around creative interior design and home decor. Their attitude towards the subject is one that we at Trohv can’t agree with more: that everyday people can pull from all sorts of inspiration and sources to create an inviting home, without a high price tag or professional degree. The book showcases the best of the best from the blog’s many years of existence.
IMG_0330 Of the book’s many sections, the “Sneak Peaks” let you take a look at some of the most beautifully decorated interiors from around the world, and offers lots of ideas for what you can do with your own home. There are also loads of easy D.I.Y. projects that can help spruce up your place without breaking the bank. I couldn’t help but notice that many of the products in our store are great places to start (wrapping paper, vintage wood crates, antique jars and bottles). The book also offers instructions for the basics of DIY projects, along with great before-and-after photos of repurposed items. All in all, this book is a creative gold mine and I can’t recommend it enough.

IMG_0347 IMG_0360

Whale’s Tale

Whales can certainly be counted among humankind’s favorite animals, and these whale-shaped bookends are certainly among our favorite new items in the store. These sturdy bookends are made of cast iron, and hand-painted for a whimsical look. Admit it: your literary classics (like Moby Dick) look nice on the shelf, but not if they’re always toppling over. Complete your bookshelf with this lovely accent piece!

Old Glow

You’ve seen bottle lamps before, but not like this! These awesome industrial-style lamps from Paired Creation feature historical beer bottles from old Baltimore breweries. Many of these breweries we had never even heard of before, so it’s nice that each lamp comes with an information tag about the origins of the bottle. The body is constructed of heavy duty iron piping, and the light switch is operated by a vintage faucet handle. It’s a beautiful conversation piece that draws attention to the history of our city. We just got a new batch in at the Baltimore store, but each bottle is different, so come in soon to pick out your favorite!

IMG_9514 IMG_9463


A recent addition to our Baltimore store is this unique flower lamp designed by local artist Kevin Fitzgerald. We contacted him and he was nice enough to give us some back-story on how this lamp came to be:

I wanted to make a lamp from a Bamboo veneer material I had come across. The material is so beautiful that even just bending it to form a simple cylinder would have looked good apart from the fact that an awkward seam is left where the two ends join together. I really wanted to avoid that seam and at the same time produce a more interesting form.

With that in mind, I created five intersecting loops of veneer joined together on the interior. The seams are hidden and a beautiful flower form created. I then projected down the inverse of this shape to form the base and made it heavy enough to stabilize the shades large size.

​This still left the problem of how to elegantly connect the shade to the base while providing a support structure for the socket. As the design came together, I realized that if this structure could be viewed even when the lamp was on, the overall design would be enhanced.

​For this reason I used an early Edison type “squirrel cage” bulb. It’s carbon filament glows like coals in a fir​e. It’s bright but not so bright you can’t look at it. One is provided with every lamp. Finally an in line dimmer switch allows control over the light intensity.