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Recently, Chris Rothe from Write Notepads & Co invited the Trohv staff down to his book-binding joint in southwest Baltimore.  We were happy to oblige, since we love seeing behind the scenes of our local vendors.

IMG_5321 Chris is a third-generation bookbinder, so he knows what he’s doing. Write Notepads & Co uses old-school technology to produce high-quality notepads. Massive, Heidelberg letter-presses are used with vegetable based inks to print the board stock covers. They are then filled with plain or lined paper. Each Write Notepad is made of high-quality, American-sourced components. We are proud to carry their oh so popular Baltimore Limited Edition notepads, which were recently featured in Baltimore Magazine.

IMG_5313 For every notebook sold, Write Notepads & Co donates a companion notebook to a Baltimore City student. Inside each notebook is a code that you can look-up on their website to see which school will receive the donation.

IMG_0927 We were thrilled when Chris informed us that we would be making our own notebooks during our visit. After a quick demo, Chris set us up on their Vandercook press and an image from the Globe collection, and we got to work. A few days later, Chris dropped off our assembled notebooks and some other Write Notepad goodies.

IMG_0926 Much gratitude to Chris and his teammates Dave and Jon-Michael for the tour and hospitality!

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Time Flies

Many of us are using the calendars on our phones nowadays, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a use for physical ones. Along with being a great form of rotational, decorative art, our beautiful calendars are great for quick reference or jotting down notes at your office or desk at home. We’ve got a great selection of both monthly wall calendars and weekly desk pads, but once they’re gone they’re gone, so come in to take a look sooner rather than later.

IMG_0709 CalandarComp

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Write Right

Of the many notepads we carry, one of the staff favorites is Write Notepads & Co, a company based and manufactured right here in Baltimore. Like us, they appreciate the physical, textural charm of actually putting pen to paper, and they are devoted to the craftsmanship in old bookbinding techniques. Available with both lined and unlined pages, each notebook features a finely letterpressed board cover and closure band. For the lefties out there, they even make a reversed notepad so that the spiral binding doesn’t get in the way. The company is also devoted to giving back to the communityfor every notepad sold, one is donated to a Baltimore City public school.


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Getting Organized

We’re always excited about creative, yet practical gadgets that help streamline our day-to-day activities. This hanging organizer is great not because it’s completely groundbreaking, but because it combines so many useful things into one beautiful object. The top includes multiple compartments for magazines, envelopes, pens, and pencils.  The bamboo surface serves as both a calendar and white board for reminders. There are three pegs for keeping objects like keys, and a magnetic strip allows you to display any cards and notes you need to hold on to. If you’re someone who likes everything in its right place, this is sure to put a smile on your face!

Available at the Baltimore & DC locations.

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Something Girly

A newer line we now carry in the Baltimore store is stationery from Kate Spade. These are the kinds of office supplies that add that little bit of fun to your everyday routine—little bow push pins, clever phrase stamps, colorful erasers, and gold foil sticky notes. Just like the rest of the line from Kate Spade, these products are sure to add a little playful sophistication to your desk!


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Duly Noted

FieldNotes It’s obvious we live in a day and age where we can do anything and everything on our phones. But some of us will forever remain pen-and-paper people, because there’s just something about writing it down that feels better than tapping on a touchscreen. Need to take note of something? Why not literally take note of it? For those who prefer a pocket-sized notebook, Field Notes are some of the best around. With its 3.5″ x 5.5″ dimentions, rounded page corners, and triple stapled spine, it’s the perfect on-the-go notebook. At the Baltimore store we’ve recently received a few new products of theirs:

“America the Beautiful” edition
“Drink Local” editions
“County Fair- Maryland” edition
Carpenter pencils
80-page Steno book
2014 18-month calendar


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Official Business

OfficeSuppliesStapler Here at Trohv, we firmly believe that even the most ordinary of objects can, and should, be beautifully designed and fun.  That is why we are so excited that office supplies from Sweet Bella have arrived.  Take, for example, the Ellepi stapler: designed and manufactured in Northern Italy, it is both functional and visually striking.  Some of us here even think it resembles a little whale.  We also have wood-bordered chalkboards. They’re perfect for writing reminders or for kids to draw on, with more charm than pens or markers.  Along with that, we have decorative masking tape, vibrant paper clips, and clean-looking notebooks to help make any white collar job that much more colorful.

OfficeSuppliesCompiled *Stock varies between 2 locations

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Time after Time

CalendarFanReduced It’s officially October, which means that we’re now in the last quarter of the year, and 2014 is around the corner.  That being said, we’ve got a selection of gorgeous calendars for the new year.  Whether for yourself or a gift for a friend, any of these would be both a decorative and utilitarian addiction to any home or office.  Don’t wait though, what we have on the sales floor is our entire stock, so pick one up while they last!

Cities Around the World – $16.95
Criminels Du Monde – $42
Secret Garden – $26.50
Travel America – $26.50
Pieces and Patterns – $27
CalendarJanuaryReduced CalendarJuneReduced   CalendarNovemberReduced

inspiration : office

A few months ago Carmen wrote a great office inspiration post centered around a beautiful vintage kitchen island… it sold the next day.  I’ve been waiting for something similar to turn up in the shop and it hasn’t just yet, so here’s a great substitution – a vintage style drafting table that you can order anytime.  There is a lesson in this – if you love a vintage piece, buy it, they don’t stick around for long! Anyway, here’s Carmen’s post, and a few of my favorite office items as well.  Hope it gets you feeling inspired and ready to tackle your to-do lists!  – Katie
For awhile now (like 3 years!), I’ve wanted to organize my at-home office. I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to get motivated. I’d like to blame it on lack of space and lack of time, but those are just excuses. I’ve just been a real lazy pants about it. I think I’ve historically associated an at-home office with extra work, which means extra exertion, which means I’M SLEEPY. Recently, though, I’ve changed my viewpoint on a home office. I think it can, and should be, energizing. I think it should be uncluttered and welcoming. And most of all, I think it should be inspiring, cozy, and cheerful!

We’ve recently received some handy and spirited office accessories at the shop. One of my favorites is a 50/50 pencil set where each stick is half one color, half another! We also have a variety of vintage mason jars; these make a great home for paper clips, rubber bands, tape, etc.  I’m also planning on filling my office with some of my favorite print resources: Anthology Magazine, Pictorial Webster’s: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities, and a variety of design/decorating titles. What magazines and books do you find most inspiring and influential?  – Carmen

ITEM LIST : Electric Wall Clock (available in both locations), Vintage Science Stools (assortment available in both stores), Accordian Wall Sconce (available to order in both stores), Rockwell Bell Curve Drafting Table (available to order in both stores), Trenton Cabinet (available to order in both stores), Mini Binders (assorted colors in each store), Oversized Desk Calendar, Bright Wooden Ball Point Pens, 50/50 Two Tone Pencils, and Anthology Magazine, (all availalable in each store)

Carmen is co-owner of Trohv. She is from Kentucky but has lived in the Charles Village neighborhood of Baltimore for almost 10 years. She loves to discover new music, eat salty foods, and sip good bourbon.

Katie is in charge of design and photography for Trohv, she’s originally from Pennsylvania but has called Baltimore home for the past 13 years.  She runs a boutique floral and stationery design company called Petal and Print.