IMG_7441 After the freak-ish weather this past Saturday, hopefully the warmer weather is here to stay. Now is the perfect time to pick up some supplies for your garden, and we’ve got a bunch of neat gardening products in stock! Specifically, we’re carrying a great selection of planters and vases if you’re looking for something more unique than your standard terracotta. There’s also some beautiful tools that are both attractive and utilitarian.
IMG_7449 IMG_7433 We also have great kits for those people who don’t think they have that ‘green thumb’, such as self-watering planters. All you have to do is plant the seeds and let it take care of itself. There’s also packets of seed bombs that you just have to scatter in a bare area in your backyard. Regardless of your level of expertise, growing plants should and can be enjoyable!

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Perhaps one of the best things about spring is seeing so many things come to life—and it’s this time of year that we look in the all-but-forgotten backyard and wonder what we could do with it. Regardless of the scope of your ambitions, we’ve got a plethora of gardening books to help you bring some life to your back yard (or fire escape).  One of our current favorites is Epic Tomatoes, an in depth look at different types of heirloom tomatoes and how to grow them. A few of us actually met the author when he stopped by the store a few weeks ago. It’s always fascinating when you meet people who devote their whole lives to something many people hardly think about. His book is filled to the brim with valuable information and mouth-watering photographs.

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Another book we love is The Vegetable Garden, a collection of prints originally published in the 19th century by the French company Vilmorin-Andrieux & Cie. The first thing you notice is that this book is hugeeach and every page would make a gorgeous piece of wall art. We’re torn on whether to tear out each page for decoration purposes (pun semi-intended).

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Besides books, we also have a bunch of neat supplies to help get your garden started. If you’re more of a beginner, we have these great all-in-one kits that include seeds, soil, food, and container. They incorporate a wicking system to help prevent under and over-watering, so no one has to say they have a black thumb.


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All S’well

SwellTurqS We all know that buying bottled water is expensive and wasteful, but here are the stats to back up the sentiment: A study published in Environmental Research Letters found that the plastic used in global bottled water production required the energy equivalent of 50 million barrels of oil in a single year. That doesn’t even include the energy used to process and transport. After that each bottle is used once, it becomes waste. The US dumps 50 billion plastic bottles in landfills each year, with the global total coming in at 200 billion. Buying bottled water also costs over a thousand times that of drinking tap waterand on top of that, nearly half of all bottled water is just tap water anyways.
SwellWoodS We’ve blogged about the S’well bottle before, but as time goes on it’s still the bottle that many of us here at Trohv swear by. Re-usable bottles can be found just about anywhere though, so what makes the S’well bottle stand out? We decided to do the research, and as you might expect, there is no singular best bottle out there due to people’s personal preferences. It’s agreed upon, however, that stainless steel is better than aluminum and plastic in not leeching flavors into water, and S’well bottles are made from highest quality 18/8 steel. S’well bottles are also among the minority of bottles that feature double-walled insulation, and a quick Google search of reviews will tell you that S’well bottles take the cake for insulation. S’well promises that your drink stays cold for 24 hours, and hot for 12, and the reviews back up that claim.  One slight downside is that the mouth is too narrow to fit all types of ice cubes, but the smaller mouth is much easier to drink without spilling. Some people might prefer a cap with a sip feature, but the S’well cap is designed to twist off with very few turns, and it guarantees that nothing will leak when tossed in your bag. Technical features aside, one huge perk of the S’well bottle is that it looks better than any competitor out there. It has a beautiful shape, is available in beautiful colors and finishes, and is void of silly graphics. In the case of something one might carry around on a daily basis, we have to say that yes, looks do matter.

SwellGreyS Perhaps most importantly, S’well is committed to giving back to those in need.  10% of all sales are donated to WaterAid, along with special edition bottles that contribute to American Forests, Keep a Child Alive, and Drink Up.

Kinfolk Issue Twelve

KinfolkSaltwaterS We now have Kinfolk no. 12 in stock! This issue is called “The Saltwater Issue” and discusses both the sea and the salt that we get from it. There are essays and photos about life by the ocean, interviews with artists that work with sand, and recipes that give special attention to utilizing salt. Each issue of Kinfolk is always chock full of gorgeous photos, but we think that this issue’s photography is especially good, thanks to all the beautiful hues found in the water.
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US1071817-0 William Stanley Jr. invented his all-steel vacuum bottle in 1913, making this past year the 100th anniversary of the revolutionary bottle.  Stanley vacuum bottles are made from 18/8 stainless steel, which means they are BPA-free, rust-proof, and highly durable. The design of the bottle features dual walls, meaning your drinks will stay hot or cold for hours and hours. They are the perfect companion for your hikes, fishing trips, or just everyday work. We carry an assortment of vacuum bottles, food jars, and flasks here at Trohv. If you’ve never owned one before, try one and see why Stanley has been the standard for a hundred years!


“Where There’s Smoke…”

SteakSmokeSmall Just because Autumn is rolling in doesn’t mean you have to retire the grill for the year. In fact, there are many who would claim that Fall is even better for outdoor cooking; what’s more satisfying on a cool day than the warmth of a fire? Smoke: New Firewood Cooking by Tim Byres is the perfect book for stepping up your grilling game. The book details all the ins and outs of cooking directly with a real wood fire, from wood selection to fire starting to tending. The wide array of mouth-watering recipes aren’t limited to meats either: there are in-depth recipes ranging from pickles to pies to salsas to cornbread. On top of all that, the book is stunning; the cover is beautifully illustrated and the interior features beautiful photography.

We have some great new cookbooks in our kitchen section. Come in to admire Smoke and all our other books that suit a wide variety of culinary interests.


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The Great Outdoors

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It’s time for the great outdoors! Make sure you’re prepared for an early morning canoe ride, a hike in the woods, camping with friends and family, or an evening run by the beloved reservoir. We have what you need to stay hydrated, informative outdoor activity books, journals for documenting your journey and hygiene products to stay fresh and clean.

Stanley thermos $35, Bamboo Toothbrushes $14, The Pocket Guide to Camping $9.99, Hungry Campers $15.99, Dopp Kit $45, Handy Dad $24.95, The Field and Forest Handy Book $14.95, Field Notes Tradesman Pencils $7.00, Field Notes Journal $14.95

So plan a trip or activity and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Be spontaneous, stop by trohv, gear up and get outside.

Bicycle Repair Kit $22, Multi Tool $36, Water Proof Notebook $15.95, Credit Card Bottle Opener $22, Fire Cured & Grizzly Bar Soap $5.75

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